1. Create your oneM2M App-ID Registry portal account

Your account gives you access to services provided by the oneM2M App-ID Registry. Click here to create a new account and gain access to the portal. An email will be sent to the email address provided during the sign-up process with instructions on how to complete the account creation process.

2. Sign in to your oneM2M App-ID Registry account dashboard

Sign in to your account and access your account dashboard. The dashboard allows you to update your account information, create Registrant-IDs, and to register your App-IDs with the oneM2M App-ID Registry.

3. Create a Registrant-ID

Registrant-IDs are used to uniquely identify your company, business, or organization. Create a new Registrant-ID clicking “Create Registrant-ID” from your account dashboard. At least one Registrant-ID must be associated with your account prior to registering an App-ID.

4. Register your App-IDs

From your account dashboard, click “Register App-ID” to register your App-ID with the oneM2M App-ID Registry. After providing the necessary information your App-ID will be added to the App-ID Registry, allowing for application discovery and integration with oneM2M services and platforms.

Have a question or comment about the oneM2M App-ID Registry portal? Use the feedback form or email us at appid@appid.atis.org.